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FULL-STEAM is Creating a Positive Environment for Growth

Evidence suggests that the more positive features a setting has, the greater contribution it will make to young people’s positive development. There are a number of core human needs, attributes, and  both  personal  and  social  assets  that  can  facilitate youths’ present well-being and increase the likelihood of their successful future transitions.   Development occurs over time, with experiences in the present being critical for both current well-being and future success.

FULL STEAM seeks to increase both the visibility of a variety of STEAM careers and the diverse types of people doing those jobs. We hope to introduce students to professions that they can see themselves undertaking in the future. It is not that we think everyone should choose a STEM/STEAM career. Rather, we think everyone should be able to see himself or herself in the STEM/STEAM fields.

Self-esteem is a factor which affect students’ academic achievement. It has been declared that high self-esteem can lead to high academic achievement. The Self-esteem can be referred as person's global judgments of competency regarding one's self-worth [3]. This construct emerges when children compare their self-evaluation with actual performance on a variety of tasks. Moreover, this comparison between the perceived self and the ideal self is very crucial during adolescence.  Hence, development of self-esteem is considered one of the most important developmental processes of adolescence [4]. Influential